Mens Town League 2018

Reserve dates to be advised by the League Secretary at the end of the season and are only to be used if adverse weather conditions force the game to be abandoned and for NO other reason.

Men's Town League - Triples Division 1 - 2018

Fixtures will be added upon release

   Tuesday    29th May     Parade A   v   Hampden Park B

   Thursday 31st May      Hampden Park A   v   Parade A

 Tuesday      5th June    Parade A             Resting 


 Thursday     7th June     Parade A   v   Eastbourne A


 Tuesday    12th June     Parade A   v   Gildredge Park A   


 Thursday  14th June     Parade A   v   Eastbourne B


 Tuesday    19th June     Sovereign A   v   Parade A


 Thursday  21st June    Hampden Park B   v   Parade A


 Tuesday   26th June    Parade A   v   Hampden Park A



   Thursday  28th June    Parade A        Resting

Tuesday    3rd July      Eastbourne A   v   Parade A

Thursday   5th July     Gildredge Park A   v   Parade A

Tuesday   17th July     Eastbourne B   v   Parade A

Thursday  19th July    Parade A   v   Sovereign A