Parade Bowls Club will hold certain personal information (known as “Personal Data”) about you. Personal data is information from which you, as an individual, can be identified. Without this information Parade Bowls Club is not able to include you in its membership.


The information we will collect about you;


Identity:                Name, Title, Decoration             

Membership type, e.g.  Bowls full membership or Social

Age if applicable, e.g. Junior

Contact details:   Postal Address

Email Telephone No. if supplied


How will this Information be used?


Authorised persons within the administration of Parade BC will process this information to communicate, promote and manage its activities, collect annual subscriptions and for general administration..

Note that the Parade BC will ensure:

Your information will be processed fairly and legally.

If for some specific purpose further personal data is required, it will not be collected without notification and terms of use.

Sensitive personal data (as defined in the data protection regulation) about you will not be collected or processed by Parade BC without your explicit written consent.


Who do we share your data with?


With the following exceptions, Parade BC will not share your data with any third party: 

There is specific written consent by you

It is necessary for the day to day administration of the member’s database. This is protected by a legally binding non-disclosure agreement.




If an event arises requiring your data be sent by Parade BC beyond the UK, then it will only be by your permission or legal scrutiny.


How long will we keep your data?


Your data will remain on the database for as long as you are a member.  When you leave your data will cease to have any further entries except for any reason for leaving.


What rights do you have?


You have the right to see the personal data that is held about you and have a copy provided to you or someone else on your behalf, in an electronic format and at no cost.

If you believe your personal data we hold is inaccurate, you can ask to have it corrected.

Where you have given consent for Parade BC to process your personal data, you can withdraw that consent at any time.

You can request your personal data be deleted.


This notice is available on the Club website at


It is possible for an article to appear in a Parade BC Newsletter or website which includes a reference and/or photograph of you, in such an event attempts will be made to obtain your permission first.


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