Parade Bowls Club Competition rules 2024

The laws of World Bowls will apply to all competitors, subject to the following local variations.

Complaints, problems, breaches or disregard of rules must be put in writing to the Competition Secretary.

All entrants are required and deemed to have read, understood and accepted these rules as conditions of entry.

1. Competitions are open to all full members of Parade Bowls Club, who have paid their full membership at the start of the season or before round 1 of the competition is drawn.

2. Single matches won by the first player to record 21 shots. Triple matches are 18 ends, Australian pairs 14 ends, pairs and rinks 21 ends, 100 up the player to first record 100 points. Any match ending in a draw will be decided by a play off end or ends.

3. In collaboration with the committee the Competition Secretary is responsible for the draw, the closing dates of the rounds and the semi-finals and finals. Any games cancelled by inclement weather will be played at the discretion of the Competition Secretary. The only other circumstance in which an extension may be given may be if a player falls sick and this again will be at the discretion of the Competition Secretary.

4. The first drawn name/team is the Challenger, the second drawn name/team the Opponent. The Challenger will have the choice of rink and for single matches will provide a marker up to and including the semi-finals. The Challenger is responsible for contacting the Opponent, offering 3 dates, 1 date to be a weekend. The Opponent must within 2 days of receipt of the challenge, accept 1 of the dates. Failure to adhere to these conditions can result in forfeiture of the game by the offending player/team. If a difficulty arises in agreeing a date you may ask the Competition Secretary to assist. In the event of a game being claimed by default, a card must be submitted immediately after the deadline stating the reason for the claim. The Competition Secretary’s decision is final.

5. Any semi-finalist or possible semi-finalist, across all competitions, who know they are unable to play in the final due to prior commitments, must withdraw from the competition before the semi-final game. The players taking part in any team competition shall be deemed to constitute a team and shall play together throughout. A substitute for team competitions may be introduced but only before the semi-final stage and provided he/she has not previously played in the competition. A substitute will be drawn from a pool of eligible members by the

Competition Secretary. Substitutes cannot skip in pairs, triples or rinks. Once a substitution is made, he/she remains in the team and the original player cannot play again.

6. If a player/team does not arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled time the opposition are able to claim the game in writing.

7. The winner is SOLELY responsible for submitting the score card including submitting a card showing a win by default. This must be done and names of all players who have taken part must be shown on the submitted card, with the result signed for by both sides.

8. DRESS - Club colours to be worn throughout all competitions.

9. Only one visit to the head is permitted during any end.

10. The skip has sole charge of his/her team and all players in the team must follow his/her instructions. The skip will decide disputed points with the opposing skip, making sure that any decision reached is in line with the Law of the Sport of Lawn Bowls.

11.All matches must be played by the final date shown for that round. If the matches have not been played both players/teams will be removed from the competition, unless there are extenuating circumstances that have been agreed by the Competition Secretary.

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