Due to the ongoing Covid 19 Pandemic, please be advised that unless confirmed ALL listed matches are cancelled or postponed until futher notice.

Fixtures Correct as of 2nd March  2020.

Matches subject to change or alteration  as season progressis.


 April 2020


Fri 10th      HOME        Easter Open Week-end                                       10.00am                                

Sat  11th    HOME       
Easter Open Week-end  and General Meeting  10.00am                                

Sun 12th    HOME        Easter Open Week-end                                      10.00am                                 

Mon 13th   HOME        Easter Open Week-end                                      10.00am                                 

Sat 18th    HOME       Greens open for play ( Weather Permitting )                                                     

Sat 25th    HOME            Hellingly BC Mixed                                 Triples      5      2.00pm        Whites

Sun 26th    AWAY           Hampden Park Mixed Cancelled 20/3  Triples      6       2.00pm        Whites

Tues 28th   HOME           Herstmonceux BC  Mixed                     Triples      5       2.00pm         Whites 


May 2020


Fri 1st    HOME      Sele Farm Bowls Club Tour Cancelled 21/3       Rinks       9     2.00pm        Whites                         

Sat 2nd   AWAY            Grove BC ( Tun Wells) Cancelled 18/3 Triples     5      2.00pm        Whites      


Mon 4th  - Fri 8th      Parade Bowls Tour Isle of Wight                                                                                                 

Sat 9th    HOME         St Johns Meads Mixed                         Triples     5     2.00pm        Whites     

Mon 11th   AWAY        Rottingdean Mixed                               Triples     5     2.00pm       Whites

Mon 11th                    Inter league  Brighton and Hove @ Hampden Park                                   

Tues 12th  AWAY        Gildredge Park Mixed                            Triples     6     2.00pm        Whites

Wed 13th                    Ladies League Starts  ( Fixtures on Ladies Town League Page )            

Thur 14th  HOME       Seaford                                                 Triples     5     2.00pm     Whites

Fri 15th     HOME       Old Basing BC Tour   Cancelled 21/3    Rinks     6 or 7  2.00pm     Whites

Sat 16th  HOME          Wadhurst                                             Triples     4     2.00pm       Whites

Sun 17th  HOME       Eastbourne BC ( Saffrons )                     Triples     6     2.00pm       Whites

Mon 18th  HOME        Spartan Lakeside Mixed                        Triples      5     2.00pm      Whites

Tues 19th  AWAY       Gullivers                                                Triples      5     2.00pm     Whites     

Thur 21st  AWAY        Royal Sovereign                                   Triples      6     10.00am      Whites   

Sat  23rd  HOME      Wiltshire Allsorts Tour Cancelled 20/3    Rinks    12     2.00pm         Whites

Sun 24th   AWAY     Denmead BC Havant                             TBC                 2.00pm     Whites 

Sun 24th               Inter League v Hastings and Bexhill @ Saffrons                                               

Mon 25th   AWAY       Uckfield                                                   Triples     4       2.30pm       Greys

Tues 26th  HOME  Cold Ashby Tour  ( 21 Ends ) Postponed until Sept 8th   Rinks   6     2.00pm   Whites                        

Fri 31st     HOME        Deanland Mixed                                         Triples     4      2.00pm      Whites

June 2020

Mon 1st    HOME       Polegrove                                                Triples       4       2.00pm     Whites                            

Fri 5th   HOME      Thornycroft Bowls  Club Tour CANCELLED 17/3      Rinks      7         2.00pm     Whites

Sat 6th  HOME        Rosemount Mixed                                      Triples     4      2.00pm      Greys

Sun 7th HOME      The Langham Invitation Cup                    Triples    12     9.30am     Whites 

Tuesday 9th June     Mens Town Triples League Starts ( Fixtures on Mens Town League Page )

Weds 10th   HOME    Barcombe BC Mixed                                  Triples     4     2.00pm      Whites     

Thurs 11th  AWAY    Sidley Martletts                                         Triples     4      10.00am      Whites

Fri 12th      HOME      East Dean and Friston                              Triples     4     2.00pm     Whites


Sun 14th    HOME     Yeovil Bowls Club Tour  CANCELLED 13/3    Rinks      8        2.00pm    Whites          

Mon 15th    HOME    Crouch BC MIxed                                       Triples     4     2.00pm     Whites                          

Thur 18th   HOME    Thurmaston Bowls Club Tour                      Rinks     6     2.00pm     Whites

Fri 19th       HOME    Woodley Bowls Club Tour                             Rinks     8     2.00pm     Whites

Mon 22nd  HOME    Bexhill Mixed                                                Triples     5      2.00pm      Whites

Wed 24th  AWAY     Lindfield BC Mixed                                        Triples      4      2.00pm      Whites

Thur 25th   HOME   Witney and District Tour                              Rinks        6       2.00pm    Whites

Sun 28th   HOME     Bethlem Bowls Tour Day    Cancelled COVID          Triples   10/12   2.30pm    Whites

Mon 29th    AWAY     Motcombe Gardens  Mixed                         Triples     4      2.00pm      Whites

Mon 29th   HOME    Civil Service International CANCELLED 6/4   Rinks    5/6   6.30pm    Whites

Tue 30th                     Inter League v Civil Service @ Safrrons                                                        

July 2020

Sat 4th   AWAY      Spartan Lakeside  Mixed                                Triples     5      2.00pm      Whites

Sun 5th   HOME      Triple Gins   £2 per head,      Drawn Triples                              2.00pm     Greys

Sat 11th AWAY       St Johns Meads Mixed                                  Triples    5      10.00am      Whites

Sun 12th -Fri 17th          Eastbourne Open                                                                                     

Weds 15th HOME      Sidley Martletts Mixed                                 Triples     4      2.00pm      Whites

Fri 17th      AWAY      Seaford                                                         Triples      5       2.00pm      Whites

Sat 18th    AWAY       Rosemount Mixed                                        Triples     4      2.00pm      Greys

Sun 19th    HOME      Lindfield BC Mixed                                        Triples     4      2.00pm      Whites

Tue 21st    HOME      Old Netley Bowls Club Tour Cancelled 11/5 COVID  Rinks    6/7     2.00pm     Whites

Wed 22nd  AWAY    Barcombe Mixed                                            Triples     4      2.30pm     Whites

Fri 24th  AWAY        Bexhill                                                              Triples     5      2.00pm      Whites

Sat 26th  HOME    Malden Manor Bowls Club Tour Cancelled 18/5 COVID 19    Rinks     9       2.00pm      Whites

Sun26th   HOME   Plymouth and District Presidents Tour Can COVID 19 Rinks   6/7     2.00pm     Whites  

Tues 28th  HOME     Grove BC ( Tun Wells)                                  Triples     5      1.00pm        Whites

Weds 29th   HOME   Warwickshire Vice Presidents Tour              Rinks     6        2.00pm     Whites  

Thur 30th    AWAY     Polegrove Mixed                                            Triples    4      2.00pm       Whites

Fri 31st                        Inter League v Gildredge Park Centenary Team @ Gildredge Park               

August 2020


Sun 2nd   HOME     Uckfield  Mixed                                               Triples     4     2.30pm      Whites

Mon 3rd   AWAY    East Dean and Friston Mixed                           Triples     4     2.00pm     Whites

Tue 4th   HOME     Heavitree Bowls Club Tour                             Rinks     5     2.00pm     Whites       

Fri 7th    HOME       Captains Cup      Chosen Triples                                            2.00pm     Whites   

Sun 9th     HOME    James Bourne                                                               TBC                                       

Tues 11th HOME      Hampden Park Mixed                                    Triples     6      10.00am      Whites

Wed 14th  AWAY     Herstmonceux Mixed                                   Triples      4      2.00pm     Whites

Thurs 13th- Sun 16th                              Airbourne Weekend                                                                

Fri 14th    HOME        Power Gen Cup                                          Triples            9.30am      Greys         

Tue 18th   HOME     Eastleigh Railway BC Tour  Cancelled 25/5 COVID    Triples     6     2.00pm     Whites          

Tue 18th                   Inter League v Tunbridge Wells @ Wadhusrt                                                      

Weds 19th   HOME    Motcombe Gardens                                 Triples     6     2.00pm     Whites

Thur 20th    HOME    Eastbourne Ladies Semi Finals Day                        6 Rinks                                

Thur 20th    AWAY    Hailsham                                                   Triples     5     2.00pm     Whites

Fri 21st    HOME      Eastbourne Ladies Finals Day                                    3 Rinks                              

Sun 23rd     HOME     Lewes BC                                                     Triples     5     2.00pm     Whites

Mon 24th     HOME     Gullivers                                                       Triples     5     2.00pm     Whites

Tue 25th    HOME     Eastbourne Ladies Finals day ( Reserve date )                3 Rinks                     

Fri  28th  HOME   Hailsham Mixed                                                  Triples     5      2.00pm      Whites

Sat 29th  AWAY      Hellingly Mixed                                                  Triples      5      2.00pm      Whites

Sun 30th   HOME   Stowmarket Bowls League Tour Cancelled 24/6 COVID Triples     6     2.00pm     Whites   

Mon 31st   HOME   City and Port of Bristol Tour                            Rinks     8     2.30pm     Whites   

September 2020

Tues 1st  HOME       Gildredge Park Mixed                                        Triples      6    2.00pm      Whites

Weds 2nd   HOME     Didcot Bowls Club Tour                                    Rinks     5     2.00pm     Whites

Thur 3rd   HOME     Datchworth Bowls Club Tour                              Rinks     6     2.00pm     Whites

Fri 4th       HOME     Blue Circle Bowls Club Tour                                Rinks     6     2.00pm     Whites

Sat 5th    HOME      Royal Sovereign Mixed                                     Triples      6      2.00pm      Whites              

Mon  7th  HOME   Farnborough Bowls Club Tour Cancelled 1/6 COVID     6  Rinks        2.00pm     Whites

Tues 8th   HOME  Cold Ashby BC Tour ( 21 ends)                            Rinks     6       2.00pm     Whites

Tues 8th    AWAY    Crouch                                                         Triples      5      2.00pm      Whites

Weds 9th   HOME   South Molton Bowls Club Tour Cancelled 21/3      Rinks     6     2.00pm     Whites

Thur 10th   HOME     Rottingdean                                                   Triples      6     2.00pm     Whites

Sun 13th   HOME      Mill End Bowls Club Tour                                Rinks     7    1.00pm     Whites     

Mon 14th   HOME      Yately Bowls Club Tour                                  Triples     6     2.00pm     Whites  

Wed 16th  HOME       Bexhill MEN         TBC                                         Rinks        6      2.00pm     Whites

Thur 17th  AWAY     Eastbourne  ( Saffrons ) Mixed                        Triples       6      2.00pm      Whites

Fri 18th   HOME             Parade Club Finals                                              10.00am & 1.30pm                 

Sat 19th  HOME             Parade Club Finals                                         10.00am &  1.30pm                    

Sun 20th  HOME            Parade Club Finals                                         10.00am & 1.30pm                    

Sat 26th   HOME          Candlelight Bowls and Fish n Chips

                                                             Wednesday  30th September End of Season

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